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    Co-Active Coaching

    Benefits of LTBN Coaching

    • The clarity that comes with having a focused conversation.
    • The ability to make decisions/choices that contribute to a life that is more fulfilling and more balanced
    • Being challenged to go beyond where you would go yourself.
    • Having someone you can explore options with.
    • Creating an action plan that suits you with the support and assistance of someone who believes in you.

    At the Let's Talk Business Network, we are 100% dedicated to helping business people acquire the clarity, confidence and learning they need to succeed in every aspect of their lives, which includes building a company that they can sell.

    Professionally trained members of the LTBN Team are available to work with individual clients to help them sustain life-changing behavior in their careers, lives and future endeavors. Our approach to professional/personal coaching is a structured style referred to as Co-Active Coaching because it involves the active and collaborative participation of both the coach and the client.

    This program is available to anyone – it is NOT exclusive to members of LTBN.

    Let's Talk Business Network Co-Active Coaching is:

    • A belief that clients have the answers or can find the answers.
    • An ongoing, one-on-one relationship totally focused on you, what you want in your life, and on what will help you achieve it
    • Intimately tied to your whole life – your goals, dreams and aspirations both in your business and personal lives
    • A motivating relationship that can “un stick the stuck” and create a context where people regularly work on their most important issues
    • A strategy to empower individuals to make changes in their life and work, enhance performance and develop leadership abilities
    • Specifically used to clarify choices, create action plans and monitor results

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