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    At the core of the Let's Talk Business Network model is a company built upon collaboration and the importance of learning from “Other Peoples Experiences”, which we call OPE.

    Our team of trained facilitators, who have graduated from Interaction Associates Essential Facilitation program, lead our Peer Advisory Boards which are also called Mastermind Groups or CEO Roundtables for Chief Executives and Entrepreneurial Business Owners.

    Our members seek confidence in their decision-making, the unique perspective of other CEO’s, and the lessons that come from their first hand experience.

    Each month, using our proprietary method, our facilitators lead groups of 10-12 CEO’s as they collaborate on issues, challenges and proactive growth initiatives related to their companies. We want to make sure that the company grows and becomes more profitable, while the CEO and entrepreneur is learning and growing as well. In the end, we want to work together in order to build our businesses so we can maximize returns upon exiting the business.


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